Where do you live? Auckland, NZ

How you met? We met through a mutual friend and were friends for a couple of months before either of us made a move.

Marriage to us means...? Showing each other how committed we are and getting to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.

Talk us through the proposal? We were staying over on Waiheke Island and one morning we got up to watch the sunrise on the beach. Brandon took our drone down with us and put it up to 'capture the sunrise' but instead he turned it to film us and dropped to one knee. We had Onetangi beach to ourselves and still have the video to look back on. The ring was custom made and he also had a full day planned afterwards with a driver, private tours and a surprise lunch with our close friends.

Tell us a little bit about your overall aesthetic/styling for the day? what were your sources of inspiration? Any must follow accounts, blogs, Pinterest pages? Right from the beginning we knew we wanted a timeless and classical aesthetic for our day. We wanted the interior of our ceremony and reception to be dressed with white and greens whilst the outdoor lounging areas to be more natural tones. By then having our bridal party in black it provided the perfect contrast. Flock Events provided the furniture for our outdoor setting and are a must follow if you're stuck for any inspiration on how to dress a space!

What was your first dance song? Love Like This - Ben Rector

A memorable moment? We slipped out during dinner to get some sunset photos and the spot we went to could not have been a more perfect moment - not only because of the scenery but because it gave us a moment to ourselves to take in the day so far.

Any advise for our brides-to-be? Even if you're like me and the one to plan most of the day, make sure you make the big decisions as a couple. The day should be a reflection of you as a couple and things will feel so much more natural on the day if you have made those decisions together.

What was the process like working with Leave Her Wilder and purchasing your gowns online for your bridesmaids? The process was so easy! I had come across the brand a couple of months after getting engaged and loved that it was a NZ brand. I requested some fabric samples to check prior to buying them and was very happy with the quality. I let my bridesmaids all choose which gown they wanted as each of them have different bodies types and heights so I always knew that I wanted a different approach than the traditional way of having one design for them all. Once the orders were placed, they arrived within the timeline and as the sizing was so true to size there was no issues with the fit when the girls tried them on for the first time.

Tell us a little more about your bridesmaids. How did the Leave Her Wilder gowns fit and drape? what did you think of the hand-dyed and 100% natural fabric? What were your bridesmaids thoughts & comments on the gowns they chose/wore? Each of the dresses fit perfectly and the designs that each of the girls choose really suited their bodies and personalities. Each of them commented on how the fabric felt beautiful on and as it was a thicker fabric than they thought it provided support for each of them. The fabric still breathed though which was necessary for a hot summer's day. I love that each of the dresses are something they can keep and even wear again as they are not just your typical 'bridesmaid' dress.

Photographer: Hollow & Co Florist: Wildflower Waiheke Bridal Gown: Vinka Design Grooms Suit: Crane Brothers Venue: Man O' War, Waiheke Island Hair: Ruth Irwin Makeup: Ruth Baron Bridesmaid gowns: Leave Her Wilder