Where do you live: Married in Maryland, then moved to Georgia

How you met: One oddly chilly and rather boring night in July 2016, Eric came from New York to spend the weekend visiting his longtime friend in Maryland. The weekend was uneventful, and Eric just wanted to have a few drinks before his journey back to NYC the following morning. As the weekend began to wind down, Eric and hid friend decided to go to Union Jacks. His friend decided to invite someone from volleyball to meet them at the bar .... That friend was Jay, and the rest is history.

Marriage to us means: According to my husband it means we’re not dating anymore and I can’t run away lol. What I think he means is enjoying each other’s company and working together to create meaningful moments, memories and a family together.

Talk us through the proposal?

In December of 2019, Eric planned a plush Christmas vacation for two to the remote island Koh Samui in Thailand. Jay knew a proposal could happen, but wasn’t quite sure, due to Eric’s vast distain for predictable holiday proposals.

After ten fantastic days of sun filled beaches, scenic photos, relaxing massages, and just a little too much shopping. Eric began the final phase of the proposal ..

Tell us a little bit about your overall aesthetic/styling for the day? what were your sources of inspiration? Any must follow accounts, blogs, Pinterest pages? etc.

We always wanted an outdoor wedding so we could have greenery, flowers, and natural lighting. We unfortunately didn’t have our first venue so we had to make due with what we had. It was still outdoors at the grooms fathers estate, white sailboat tents with a rustic modern look. Once we knew what colors we wanted blush, white, tan, and navy blue we just searched in Pinterest those colors and rustic. Definitely could have been more coordinated in this area but it worked. We had wine barrels, wine bottles with lights inside, mason jars with flowers and eucalyptus. Thankfully the groom is a designer so he made all the signs and drink menus. Over time we started following a couple IG accounts such as @munaluchibride @bridalbeginning @mintedweddings

What was your first dance song? 
Best Part H.E.R ft. Daniel Caesar

A memorable moment? Definitely would be our outfit change! Stepping out as Mr. & Mrs. King in our blush and white outfits, we were in love!

Any advice for our brides-to-be? Keep your wedding small with close loved ones and hire a coordinator. It takes so much off your plate and you can truly enjoy your special day from start to finish!

We also had the most fun ever ok the dance floor. We always plan Taking Back Sunday’s song, cute without the E, and when it came on as the last song, everyone went crazy. Joey and I got thrown in the air. The bank ended up posting about it a few days post wedding.

What was the process like working with Leave Her Wilder and purchasing your gowns online for your bridesmaids?

I started communicating with Leave Her Wilder months before my wedding since we’re in the US and I wanted to make sure we received the gowns in time. We definitely had more than enough time because they came super quick. Leave Her Wilder was able to answer all my questions about ordering different dresses, sizing and fit. I personally picked out each dress for each bridesmaids based on what I thought would accentuates their bodies best and each bridesmaid loved their gown. The only thing I wished was that I got a gown for myself because they came out so lovely!

Tell us a little more about your bridesmaids. How did the Leave Her Wilder gowns fit and drape? what did you think of the hand-dyed and 100% natural fabric?

The bridesmaids loved their gowns! No one had to alter their dress. The sizing guide and communication with Leave Her Wilder was super helpful. We ordered the Phoenix, Siren, Ziggy, Ricky, and Sahara in blush satin. The material was great. Thick enough so it wasn’t see through but breathable, soft, and stunning color. It wrinkles with wearing but if you’re getting pictures done first which most weddings do the dresses we’re fine.

What were your bridesmaids thoughts & comments on the gowns they chose/wore?
The bridesmaids loved their gowns! They could definitely see themselves wearing it to another wedding or event. The fit was perfect and there were no alterations needed to be made.

Congrats, Jay and Eric! XXX

Photographer: Iris mannings Bride wears: Marchesa (First dress) Bride wears: Chosen by Kyha (Second Dress) Hair: Styles By Thomas Makeup: Vivian Wynter Bridesmaids Dresses: Leave Her Wilder