Where do you live? Columbus, Ohio

How you met? Through my best friend. They work together.

Marriage to us means...? Partnership and always having each others back. We've been together for 4 years and have lived together for 3. Everyone was like once you're married it will feel exactly the same but I find it more special! I definitely have a different feeling about our relationship now that it's "official".

Talk us through the proposal? We were on vacation in Florida and walking on the beach before we were headed back home. We were leaving the beach when Nick suggested we ask someone to take our picture. We stopped this Mother & Daughter and they took our pic and then he said do you mind taking one more and then got down on one knee. I was blown away. Didn't suspect it at all! It's so sweet because the daughter kept snapping pics so now we have amazing pictures to look back on of the entire moment!

Tell us a little bit about your overall aesthetic/styling for the day? what were your sources of inspiration? Any must follow accounts, blogs, Pinterest pages? I am extremely lucky because my sister, Morgan Pine owner of Cluster Events is a wedding planner based out of Los Angeles, CA so she gave me a TON of ideas @clusterevents on instagram. I knew the vibe I wanted, I've always leaned toward a boho vibe and luckily I found vendors that matched my same vision!

What was your first dance song? Lover by Taylor Swift feat. Shawn Mendes

A memorable moment? Walking down the aisle. My Dad passed away almost 5 years ago now so my brother-in-law walked me down the aisle and I was so thankful to have him there for what I was so nervous was going to be a sad moment in the day. Seeing Nick at the end of the aisle made everything better too! We also had one of our best friends officiate the wedding and she made it so special and was able to incorporate my Dad in the ceremony as well. We laughed and cried! It was unique in every way.

Any advise for our brides-to-be? Find vendors you trust! Our day was seriously so special because I trusted that they knew what I wanted and just let them go with it. I didn't have to worry about a thing. In our design meeting with Florals by the Sea I told our designer, Cass the vibe I wanted but to just do all the things that they've been dying to do but other brides won't let them. That's how we ended up with our super cool alter with all of the tassels! Totally went with our vibe but I didn't know they were doing that until I walked down the aisle! I was obsessed. The people in this industry are sooo creative and have so many amazing ideas so I knew if they were let loose it would be amazing and it totally blew all of my expectations out of the water! Big shout out to our on-site wedding planner also, Stephanie Tate with Savoir Faire Weddings @sfweddingsandevents on instagram.

What was the process like working with Leave Her Wilder and purchasing your gowns online for your bridesmaids? AMAZING! The girls seriously said it was the easiest process and the customer service was top notch! One of my bridesmaids had just had her sweet babe so wasn't sure on sizing and ended up getting too big of a size. They made it so easy to fix and get the right size to her in plenty of time for alterations!

Tell us a little more about your bridesmaids. How did the Leave Her Wilder gowns fit and drape? what did you think of the hand-dyed and 100% natural fabric? What were your bridesmaids thoughts & comments on the gowns they chose/wore? I had 4 bridesmaid and a MOH. My sister Morgan was my Maid of Honor, My best friends since middle school, Ashley & Ashley (one is who works with Nick and how we met), my best friend from college, Jess and Nick's sister, Alyssa, were my bridesmaids. Our wedding party was all shapes and sizes and everyone loved the dress! They said they all felt super cool and sleek. The dresses were comfortable and the fabric was so soft and silky. My sister even said, "I WILL be wearing this dress again!" I had very specific colors in mind and once I got the fabric swatch in the mail I knew this was the one!