Hi Meg, Thanks for having a chat with us about your gorgeous wedding day! We love the choice of Concrete for your bridesmaids gowns. Let's find out a bit more about the day!

Where do you live? Werribee, Victoria, Australia

How you met your hubby? Family friends for several years before we got together.

Marriage to us means...? We are going to spend the rest of our lives together, growing old, raising a family & making sure we are still having fun every single day.

Talk us through the proposal? We were overseas in London, I had booked us in for lunch at The Shard, that looks over the whole of London city.

He had arranged for a dessert to come out, on the plate it had written ' will you marry me?', Hayden then got down on one knee with the whole restaurant looking our way and cheering.

Tell us a little bit about your overall aesthetic/styling for the day? what were your sources of inspiration? Any must follow accounts, blogs, Pinterest pages? etc.Very minimal/monochrome, our colour scheme was black, greys, white & dusty blue. We wanted our venue to do a lot of the talking instead of dressing it up to be something else.

What was your first dance song? Came Here For Love Acoustic - Sigala, Elle Eyre

A memorable moment? Heading off for our sunset photos mid-way through the wedding - such a special time to just be the two of us

Any advise for our brides-to-be? Take the time in planning your big day, and have fun while doing it. Don't plan something out of your means, at the end of the day you are marrying your best friend and that's all it comes down to.

What was the process like working with Leave Her Wilder and purchasing your gowns online for your bridesmaids? The process of ordering was so simple, I matched the girls sizes to the size chart on the website. Let the girls choose their preferred style, all in the colour concrete. The dresses came earlier than expected in the mail which was amazing.

Tell us a little more about your bridesmaids. How did the Leave Her Wilder gowns fit and drape? what did you think of the hand-dyed and 100% natural fabric?

What were your bridesmaids thoughts & comments on the gowns they chose/wore?

All 4 gowns were amazing, they are such great quality & I loved that they were all the exact same colour. We had to get all 4 gowns altered smaller, I had chosen the 'loose' fit option as I'd rather receive them too big than small. All dresses were a breeze to get altered. The girls loved their dresses, all 4 were super comfortable, breathable dresses as it was slighter warm, and able to dance the night away.