Where do you live? Austin, TX

How you met? Oh gosh ha… this always sounds terrible, but we met at Spring Break in South Padre. It was completely innocent though (I promise mom and dad!) ha! We actually both had gotten separated from our friends and neither of us had our phones on us. I bumped into him at the beach and he was wearing a t-shirt to a local wake-boarding complex back where I went to school and it sparked a conversation. We realised that we both went to school at Texas State University and had a lot of things in common. We ended up hanging out the entire day on the beach! When the beach was closing down I found my friends and we actually went our separate ways. It wasn’t until a year later, when a friend got me a job at that same wakeboard complex that I saw him again. Unbeknownst to me, he was actually the manager in the board shop. I instantly recognised him and we laughed about it, but remained friends for over a year before we decided to start dating. The wildest thing is that I ended up cleaning out my closet shortly after we started dating and found a polaroid we had taken that day on the beach. It was the only photo that made it back home with me from that trip and I had no idea I even had it. We now have it framed and it’s one of my favourite pictures to this day.

Marriage to us means...? Kyle and I have been together over 8 years so I didn’t think marriage would feel much different than how things were before. But, after taking that next step in our relationship, marriage means we can start looking forward to starting a family. It’s something we’ve both wanted, and we finally feel like it’s the right time in our lives to take that next step.

Talk us through the proposal? We were in the Bahamas staying at The Cove- Atlantis. There are shuttles that take you around to different parts of the property. I had gotten all dolled up thinking we were headed to dinner at Nobu. It had been pouring down rain and we had about an hour before dinner. Kyle asked if we could go sight-see and hop on one of the shuttles prior to dinner, but I was dead set on just grabbing a drink at the bar because of the rain and not wanting to look like a wet poodle at dinner. I knew how much of a history buff he is and he loves to be adventurous and experience new places when we travel so I knew he wasn’t going to let up. He was being so adamant that we left and even closed my tab at the bar. I finally gave in, trying to compromise, but I was not thrilled about it. We hopped on a shuttle and suddenly the rain stopped. The shuttle dropped us off, and we had to walk what seemed like half a mile (in my high-heels I should add), but we got to the most beautiful botanical garden I had ever seen called The Cloisters. Due to the rain, we were the only people there. He had a photographer hiding, that had been waiting there for almost an hour (due to my stubbornness). We got the most beautiful pictures and couldn’t believe he pulled off surprising me after 7 years together! I felt so bad for being so rude to him leading up to that point and for thinking he was being annoying ha! From the we walked to a restaurant at the Four Seasons called the Dune that was right on the beach. I had one of the best meals of my life, although I hardly ate because of the shock/excitement!

Tell us a little bit about your overall aesthetic/styling for the day? what were your sources of inspiration? Any must follow accounts, blogs, Pinterest pages? etc. Pinterest was definitely my biggest source for inspiration, although I feel like I’ve always had a really clear idea of what I wanted for my big day. I had starting pinning pretty early into our relationship and we were together for over 8 years before we actually got married, so you can imagine how many things I had saved up to that point. I would also get lost in deep rabbit holes on Instagram and the amount of screenshots I have from over the years us ungodly. I just really wanted my wedding day to be warm, moody, and boho, but also tell people we were there to have a good time. The florals played such a huge part in the overall aesthetic so I knew that whatever vendor I chose was really going to have to understand my vision. I did a ton of research and I ended up going with Good Seed who could not have executed my vision more perfectly. We also got a huge marquee sign that said PARTY TIME for the reception which was a huge hit for pictures and setting the tone for the night.

What was your first dance song? Otis Redding- For Your Precious Love

Any advice for our brides-to-be? I wanted to DIY a lot of our wedding, which we did. We ended up DIY’ing vases for the tables, a large photo backdrop, customized hand-sanitizers, a floral crown for my hat, and additional floral arrangements. It’s a great way to save money and also have your vision executed exactly like you’ve pictured. The thing I had to learn was that some things are worth just leaving to the vendors, like signage, because it’s not worth the added stress. You also have to remember, that whatever it is you’re DIY’ing you’re responsible for getting it to the venue the day of the wedding and also taking it with you at the end of the night. We had designated people for both, but at the end of the night, it’s such a rush to get it out, that some things were damaged. At first I was a little upset, but I had to remember that everyone was doing us a favor by loading it and they’re things that can be replaced.

What was the process like working with Leave Her Wilder and purchasing your gowns online for your bridesmaids? I couldn’t have dreamt up a better company to work with! Initially I was apprehensive to order being that I’m in Texas and in very different time zones. However, Leave Her Wilder, was more than responsive and always got back with me so quickly. Not to mention, they reached out to let me know where I was at with each bridesmaid and who still needed to order their dress. The sizing was also spot on for each girl, which was also such a relief!

Tell us a little more about your bridesmaids. How did the Leave Her Wilder gowns fit and drape? What did you think of the hand-dyed and 100% natural fabric? What were your bridesmaids thoughts & comments on the gowns they chose/wore? My bridesmaids LOVED the gowns! When I sent out the initial text telling them that’s what I was leaning towards, it was a resounding YES from each one of them, that I didn’t even have to think twice. They all loved the fact that they could wear these dresses again, outside of a wedding. So many bridesmaids dresses you wear once and then can never wear again. I can’t tell you how many texts I got from each one of the girls saying how obsessed they were with the dress they chose. The best part is they all looked INCREDIBLE on them. They fit each and every one of the girls like a glove and hung in all the right places. They were so flattering, which I was worried about because we had chosen the silk option. Silk can sometimes be unforgiving, but these dresses were the opposite. Plus the fact that they were hand-dyed meaning there was no variation in color and 100% natural fabric was the cherry on top

Thanks babe! It's been a great chat, Congrats again to your and your new hubby! xxx

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Photographer: Brooke Taelor Florist: Good Seed Florals Venue: Mae's Ridge Hair: Brittany Wand Makeup: Matt Wulf