About Leave Her Wilder 

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*We established Leave Her Wilder after many years in the wedding industry, many years spent meeting beautiful brides, working in stunning studios and countries, with beautiful textiles and amazingly talented people.

This history naturally led us into the world of bridesmaids. A world where we knew was untapped and begging to be filled with bohemian silhouettes to captivate our girls and make them feel flattered, comfortable and banging!

Leave Her Wilder is a luxe bohemian Resort wear and Bridesmaid brand based in Auckland, New Zealand. The concept of Leave Her Wilder is a result of change in course and a leap into the unexpected. The brand is inspired by the women in our lives who live fiercely, loyally and wildly, on their own terms.

Our gowns are designed to capture the unique souls of the babes wearing them. They are intended to adapt to any event and be a canvas to style your own way.

Dare to deviate from the conventional bridal party attire and stand confidently in support of your soul sisters or rock one to that event you have 'nothing to wear' to... the options are endless. 


* We being, friends, soul sisters and women who decided to turn everything upside down and create our own wilder life!