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To celebrate the diversity of women, and allow them to feel confident and beautiful as part of any bridal party or special event.

Size Guide

Size Chart

All measurements are to be taken by a professional or confident person, pulling the tape measure firm against the body, wearing tight fitting clothing.

UK 680cm60cm89cm
UK 885cm65cm94cm
UK 1090cm70cm99cm
UK 1295cm75cm104cm
UK 14100cm80cm109cm
UK 16107.5cm90cm116.5cm
UK 18115cm97.5cm124cm
UK 20122.5cm105cm131.5cm
UK 22130cm112.5cm139cm
US 231.5"23.6"35"
US 433.5"25.6"37"
US 635.4"27.6"39"
US 837.4"29.5"40.9"
US 1039.4"31.5"42.9"
US 1242.3"65.4"45.9"
US 1445.3"38.4"48.8"
US 1648.2"41.3"51.8"
US 1851.2"44.3"54.7"

How To Measure

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