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After narrowly missing each other in various parts of the world more than once, Greer & Chelsea found their paths finally crossed when they began working together in the New Zealand bridal industry - a friendship that proved to be worth the journey.

Time meeting beautiful brides and working in fabulous studios followed. Internationally, the exposure to so many talented people creating exotic and unique textiles stopped them in their tracks. Here was a new path, a parallel to the bridal market and a compliment to the beautiful bride, the brides babe!

This niche just begging to be filled with bohemian silhouettes in a slow fashion process, captivate babes and make them feel flattered, comfortable and confident.
And so, Leave Her Wilder was born.


To design flawless collections for our brides-to-be, to produce slow fashion pieces that filter perfectly back into the wardrobe and inspire followers to want to wear Leave Her Wilder and resonate with the brands essence.

The magical day of bringing best friends together to share forever should be done in pieces that accentuate and romanticize the female form, offer multiple options for each babe and ensure style while being able to dance the night away in natural fibers and vibrant colors.

Leave Her Wilder intends to connect with like minded souls and grow together in a market with endless possibilities.

Sample Gowns

We have every style to try on in-store in sizing S, M & L. Samples are made in a variety of colour options from our carefully curated palette.

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Behind The Scenes

Greer and Chelsea are the women behind LHW, working closely with the production team everyday to ensure everything is perfect for your wedding day.

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