Our Purpose

To celebrate the diversity of women, and allow them to feel confident and beautiful as part of any bridal party or special event.


Finding Our Wild

The story behind the Leave Her Wilder brand. The friendship that started it all, the design inspiration, and the vision moving forward.

After narrowly missing each other in various parts of the world more than once, nomadic spirits Greer & Chelsea’s paths finally crossed when the stars aligned and they began working together in the New Zealand bridal industry. A friendship that proved to be worth the journey.

Time spent in the industry, meeting beautiful brides and bridal parties and working in fabulous studios followed. Here they saw potential in a new path, a parallel to the bridal market and a compliment to the beautiful bride; the bridesmaids.

“It was a niche begging to be filled with modern, fashion forward silhouettes designed to captivate and celebrate women and make them feel beautiful, flattered, comfortable and confident”. - Greer

The Vision

Leave Her Wilder strives to design collections inclusive of all women and to mindfully design and produce slow fashion pieces that filter perfectly back into the wardrobe to wear time and time again.

Leave Her Wilder believes all bridesmaids should be able to celebrate and dance the night away in pieces that are made from natural fibres, cut in flattering shapes, and designed to accentuate and romanticise the female form. Our pieces are each mindfully designed and crafted, from our bespoke colour palette and to the keen attention to design and construction details.

“We work with bridesmaids because the reality of any bridal party is no two women are the same. Our designs are intended to celebrate this diversity. We design for inclusivity and to make our customer feel beautiful and to feel their authentic self. We are women designing for women.” - Chelsea

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