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LHW are a dream to work with! The girls made me feel special and understood. LHW has always been a favourite of mine, I adore everything the brand encapsulates! The communication was second to none, the dresses were flawless! The LHW dresses drape beautifully and are cut to perfection. I honestly cannot fault the wedding dress and the bridesmaid dress from LHW. I felt like a goddess and my sister looked stunning.

LIsa (Bride)

Auckland, New Zealand

LHW were so lovely and accommodating, they took the time to understand my vision and the type of environment I was getting married in. For me the fabric sample pack really helped me to bring to life what I was seeing online and choose my colours.

All 3 girls had styles they felt super comfortable in thanks to LHW showcasing such a variety of different shapes and sizes of women. They could all envision one of LHW dresses suiting them. My bridesmaids were all so confident in the styles they chose which was such a relief and made it an easy process for me knowing I could make everyone happy with what they were wearing.

The colour was absolutely beautiful and exceeded my expectations. I love the look and feel of the fabric and the fit was perfect to the measurements we supplied. Couldn't recommend the dresses enough.

Sam (Bride)

Queenstown, New Zealand

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing service, the bridesmaids dresses were just gorgeous with so many lovely comments. Ordering the gowns was such a stress free and easy process and the girls looked stunning!

Samara (Bride)

Taranaki - New Zealand

The process with your company was so seamless and easy. Instructions on how to place your orders were extremely thorough and fool proof. I told my girls exactly what to do and no one had any issues at all. The dresses all arrived perfectly and sooner than expected.

The girls all loved their dresses, they picked out the style themselves and everyone looked amazing. We had all different body types wearing it and it draped beautifully on everyone. The color is just drop dead gorgeous and complemented the wedding incredibly. The girls were definitely feelin' themselves in their dresses 🥰

Hannah (Bride)

San Diego, CA

I would 100% recommend listening to Greer and her teams recommendation on style, size and fit. They are the experts. All the girls did that and they turned out perfect. They draped exactly how we imagined, flowy, comfortable and elegant (with a little sass and sexiness we all want). The color was more than we imagined and perfect.

So thankful I chose Leave Her Wilder! Couldn’t have asked for a better dress for my girls! From start to finish Greer had all of us in mind when the girls were choosing their dresses. She answered all our questions individually and made sure it was in line with my vision. The turnaround time was amazing and the dresses are incredible. Everyone felt so beautiful, comfortable in their dresses. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you!

Madison (bride)

Blue Point, New York

I couldn’t have dreamt up a better company to work with! Initially I was apprehensive to order being that I’m in Texas and in very different time zones. However, Leave Her Wilder, was more than responsive and always got back with me so quickly. Not to mention, they reached out to let me know where I was at with each bridesmaid and who still needed to order their dress.

The sizing was also spot on for each girl, which was also such a relief! My bridesmaids LOVED the gowns! When I sent out the initial text telling them that’s what I was leaning towards, it was a resounding YES from each one of them, that I didn’t even have to think twice. They all loved the fact that they could wear these dresses again, outside of a wedding. So many bridesmaids dresses you wear once and then can never wear again. I can’t tell you how many texts I got from each one of the girls saying how obsessed they were with the dress they chose. The best part is they all looked INCREDIBLE on them. They fit each and every one of the girls like a glove and hung in all the right places. They were so flattering, which I was worried about because we had chosen the silk option. Silk can sometimes be unforgiving, but these dresses were the opposite. Plus the fact that they were hand-dyed meaning there was no variation in color and 100% natural fabric was the cherry on top

Shelby (bride)

Austin, Texas

One of my bridesmaids made a comment that she loved that the company caters for all body types. Another bridesmaid commented that although her dress was really low cut at the back she felt extremely comfortable and covered. Trying to find the right dress when all of your bridesmaids have very different body types was challenging, however the ability to pick and choose different styles in the same colour was amazing. The process was extremely easy! The measurements were simple to figure out and the dresses were true to size. The delivery was very fast and communication was great!

Olivia (bride)

Langhorne Creek, Australia

Each of the dresses fit perfectly and the designs that each of the girls choose really suited their bodies and personalities. Each of them commented on how the fabric felt beautiful on and as it was a thicker fabric than they thought it provided support for each of them. The fabric still breathed though which was necessary for a hot summer's day. I love that each of the dresses are something they can keep and even wear again as they are not just your typical 'bridesmaid' dress. Once the orders were placed, they arrived within the timeline and as the sizing was so true to size there was no issues with the fit when the girls tried them on for the first time. The process was so easy!

Chloe (Bride)

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

The process was great. Greer and the team couldn’t be more beautiful, they are so lovely and always there for any questions we had. The most daunting part for us was not being able to try the dresses on before ordering especially given we were buying the dresses from a different country lol. But I was so drawn to LHW. The colours, the unique styles of the dresses. I just couldn’t look past them. The ordering process was so easy. The girls all ordered based on their measurements and we ordered with 12 week lead time just incase we needed to alter. But they couldn’t have fit more perfect. I would order these dresses 1000 times over. They played a major part in the uniqueness of our wedding.The fabric was so beautiful it was light and cool and the colour was AMAZING. The light gave it so many different tones I just can’t explain how much we loved it.

Thank you so so much for being absolutely amazing throughout the whole process. You guys are brilliant and so talented. I am also very glad I purchased a fabric sample kit, just for the simple face of being able to find pants that literally matched the dresses perfectly. I am obsessed with the fact that it was unique to our wedding, and that no one we know has used any colour similar or dress styles because you guys are so unique! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Sharna (Bride)

Fraser Island, Queensland

I chose Leave Her Wilder gowns mainly because I wanted them to choose their own dresses. No one knows what suits their bodies more than the girls themselves! The fit of the dresses was amazing. One of my girls lost quite a bit of weight before the wedding. Because her gown had a cowl at the front and the back, she actually wore it backwards! It fitted well - front, and back. That’s how good the dresses were!

Maddy (Bride)


The girls looked INSANE! The dresses were everything I dreamed of and more! They were so perfect and the girls looked so gorgeous, especially my pregnant sister in her marigold (she was due 3 weeks after the wedding so it was a worry! She didn’t even need to get the dress altered which was amazing! She wore it back to front and it looked incredible on her 🥰 Worth the risk of ordering non returnable dresses from NZ to the UK 😅

Sophie (bride)

United Kingdom

The process was smooth and the LHW team were super helpful in the process. At the time of ordering I had 2 bridesmaids in the UK who were supposed to be attending. We got the dresses ordered early so I could transport them back to the UK and they could get alterations. From sending through measurements, agreeing on sizing and getting the dresses made the process was seamless. I let my bridesmaids pick a style that complimented their body shape which was a great plus and they all picked a style they would feel comfortable in. The dresses were gorgeous quality and just perfect for the look I wanted

Saliya (Bride)

Sydney, Australia

Our wedding party was all shapes and sizes and everyone loved the dress (Ricky)! They said they all felt super cool and sleek. The dresses were comfortable and the fabric was so soft and silky. My sister even said, "I WILL be wearing this dress again!" I had very specific colors in mind and once I got the fabric swatch in the mail I knew this was the one! The service was AMAZING! The girls seriously said it was the easiest process and the customer service was top notch! One of my bridesmaids had just had her sweet babe so wasn't sure on sizing and ended up getting too big of a size. They made it so easy to fix and get the right size to her in plenty of time for alterations!

Madison (Bride)

Rosemary Beach, Florida

It was incredible from start to finish! I searched for a LONG time for a company for my bridesmaid dresses. When I found Leave her Wilder I was immediately obsessed. It was so easy to pick a color I loved, then have my bridesmaids all order different styles. The dresses turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I was expecting them to be beautiful, but the dresses looked SO GOOD in person. The material and shade of color was beautiful and looked like such high quality. The dresses were Boho, classy, chic, and completely flattering for my beautiful girls who all have different body types and normally different styles. They all looked stunning and the photos of the different styles next to each other were MAGIC! My girls could order and pay directly at their own pace and code their order to our wedding group so they would ensure the dresses were all made from the same dye lot and would be the exact same color. It made the entire experience easy and seamless!

Maria (bride)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

"I wanted to thank you for creating such gorgeous dresses for my bridesmaids and for such an incredible experience, ordering all the way from California for TEN girls! From the moment I stumbled upon your gorgeous Ponsonby shop, I felt so comfortable and I couldn't believe you existed! I had never seen such beautiful dresses for bridesmaids from the material, to the colors, to the styles. It felt so meant to be! You were so helpful, so accommodating, and so lovely throughout the whole process.

When I shared the dresses with the girls and told them they could choose which one they wanted to wear, they were so ecstatic and had such a hard time deciding between all of the styles. They were all texting me tossing back and forth and said they couldn't believe how gorgeous the gowns were. All of the girls looked and most importantly felt absolutely stunning on our wedding day!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You helped make all of my bridal dreams come true. I am so excited for you and your business and know you are going to be wildly successful, and I look forward to following along your journey."

Sarah (bride)

Kirkwood, California

Omg! 😭….I absolutely LOVED and adored my dress 😭 Best money I've ever spent hands down! I have been unapologetically expressing to everyone we know to shop with you guys. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful brand, with amazing quality! Inclusive of all sizes and also super affordable!

Schvaria (Bride)

Auckland, New Zealand

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